Joey Potter - Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes as Joey Potter

Katie Holmes:
D.O.B: 18th of December 1978
Birth Place: Toledo, OH

Katie started her acting career in high school, but didn't think she could persue it because she lived in the midwest.

While she was attending a national modeling and talent convention in New York she met a talent agent who talked her into going to Los Angeles. On her first trip she got a part in a film called "The Ice Storm".

Katie actually didnt make it out for the audition for Dawson's Creek, instead she sent in a video tape, and when the call back came back she decided to not go because she was performing in a school play. But fortunatly the producers reschedualed so she could audition for them and she landed the role of Joey Potter.

Katie has also been in: "Disturbing Behavior", "Go!", and "Teaching Mrs. Tingle."

About Joey:

Pictures of Joey Potter / Katie Holmes:

Joey standing in white
Joey angry
Joey ready for her first date
Face pic of Joey
Joey upset
As a waitress at the wedding
She wears a wire to confront her dad
With a weery look Joey talking
Nice pic of Joey
Katie all dressed up
Nice pic of Joey lying on the grass
Very nice pic of Katie
Joey singing in the Talent Quest
Sweet pic of Joey
Nice pic of Katie
Katie in a mag
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