The Roswell Incident

DAY 1 3rd of July 1947

On the 3rd of July 1947, Mac Brazel, and Dee Proctor heard a very loud explosion during a thunderstorm late that night. They claim that it did not sound like thunder or a sound that they had ever heard of before. And that night many sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects were reported.

DAY 2 4th of July 1947

Public Holiday.

DAY 3 5th of July 1947

The next day, Mac Brazel and Dee Proctor discovered strange, unearthly material spread over a one-kilometre radius. The first section that they went to did not have any bodies or main sections of the spacecraft. Then they picked up some of the strange unearthly material and placed into the back of Mac's pick-up truck and drove to his neighbours' place and then showed Dee Proctor's parents place and then showed them the unearthly material that they had found earlier that day.

At the next place that they saw material, they saw a partially intact spacecraft and small unearthly bodies near by the wreckage.

They and other members of the Roswell Police Department and the Roswell Fire Department were some of the first people to see some of the spacecraft.

DAY 4 6th of July 1947

Mac Brazal collects as much of the pieces that he can fit into the back of his pick-up truck, and takes it in to the city to the sheriff in charge Sheriff George Wilcox and shows him some of the pieces of the wreckage that he found. They both could not explain what the unusual debris was or was like. So then after examining it, they then rang Roswell Army AirField (AAF) and talked to Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer.

Marcel drove to the sheriff's office and inspected the wreckage. Then after that they reported it to Colonel William Blanchard. Then Colonel William Blanchard ordered Major Jesse Marcel to contact someone from the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC). He told them to go back to Mac Brazal's place and collect some more of the unusual debris and take it to back to the seriffs office then a military truck picked up the debris and took it to the Blanchard's office.

The wreckage was then flown to Eighth Air Force headquarters in Fort Worth, and from there to Washington.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Sheridan Cavitt of the Counter Intelligence Corps drove to the ranch with Mac Brazel. They arrived late in the evening. They spent the night in a small place close to Mac Brazal's ranch, and the next day continued to the crash site.

DAY 5 7th of July 1947

On this day Marcel and Cavitt continue to the site of where Mac had found some unearthly debris, they found more unearthly debris three dead aliens and one alien, which was alive. Cavitt then filled the back of his pick-up truck with some of the wreckage that they had found close by to where Mac had found some of the wreckage as well. Marcel told Cavitt to go on ahead of him while he pick-up some more of the wreckage and that they would later meet at the Roswell American Air Force Headquarters.

After Cavitt had left with the back of his pick-up truck full of the wreckage, Marcel then filled the back of his pick-up truck with some of the wreckage that they had found. On the way to the Roswell American Air Force Headquarters in his pick-up truck he stopped by at his house and showed his wife and two children some of the strange material and wreckage that he and Cavitt had found.

Then that afternoon a lady from the KSWS radio station started to tell the public and report what she had been told by a person (she was not allowed to say who it was.) Then during the broadcast the FBI interrupted the broadcast and cut the transmission to an end.

DAY 6 8th of July 1947

In the morning Marcel and Cavitt arrived at the Roswell American Air Force Headquarters with the back of their pick-up trucks filled with some of the strange and unearthly material that they had found near Roswell. Marcel then accompanied most of the wreckage that he had collected and took a flight to Fort Worth American Air Force Headquarters.

Then later that day (around noon) Colonel Blanchard at Roswell American Air Force Headquarters ordered Second Lieutenant Walter Haut to inform the public and the world that the American Army had found some of the remains of a crashed flying saucer. Haut was the public information officer for the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell American Air Force Headquarters. Haut then delivered the press release to a lady from the KSWS radio station. Then the lady from the KSWS radio station sent the story on the Western Union wires to the United Press bureau.

Later in the afternoon, General Clemence McMullen in Washington spoke by telephone with Colonel Thomas DuBose in Fort Worth. McMullen then ordered DuBose to tell Ramey to cover-up the flying saucer story by creating a new cover story, and to send some of the crash material immediately to Washington D.C.

After that General Ramey held a press conference at Eighth Air Force Headquarters, where he had announced that the material that Marcel had collected and sent to them was a weather balloon, not a flying saucer. To prove that it was the remains of a weather balloon, he then showed everyone a piece of the wreckage which he claimed was a piece of a weather balloon that had crashed near Roswell. To make this story convincing he showed the press the remains of a damaged weather balloon that he claimed was the actual wreckage from the crash site.

Then at some point in the day the Generals in Washington D.C. ordered some troops and soldiers to guard the area of where the crash had been reported and block off any access that people could use to see the crash site. Later after that, the military took Mac Brazal into custody for about one week. They questioned him and told him not to tell anyone about what he had seen or heard.

Then the clean up of the crash site begins. The military and the army clean the site of where the Flying Saucer had crashed. Three of the people that are cleaning up the crash site find two bodies of aliens and report it and then the person on guard takes the bodies and takes them to the base. That night two Captions guard the bodies, which are in a box.

DAY 7 9th of July 1947

They continue to clean up the crash site. At the base camp three planes begin to fill up with boxes and crates of debris found at the crash site. Then Mac Brazal is questioned again and then is taken to the Roswell Daily paper and tells the reporter his whole story.

At noon the crates with the bodies inside them are moved to the Bomb Pit Number One. Soon after that Mac Brazal is taken down to the local radio station and he tells his story to them.

Later that afternoon, the three planes full of debris from the crash site are flown to Los Alamos. The crate from Bomb Pit Number One is transferred to a plane and is then flown to Fort Worth.

DAY 8 10th of July 1947

The clean up of the crash site is continued.

DAY 9 11th of July 1947

Anyone that had anything to do with any of this operation was told never to speak another word of it to anyone. Even Marcel's children were sworn to secrecy. Anyone that had seen any of the debris or bodies of the spacecraft was to say that they never seen it before and that it was just the remains of a weather balloon.

15th of July 1947

Mac Brazal returns to his ranch from the Roswell base after his interrogation.

12th of August 1947

Mac Brazal and Tommy Tyree spot some of the debris that the military and army had missed in a sinkhole, which was near the place where Mac had found the first bit of the unearthly debris.

Summer 1949

Mac Brazal finds numerous scraps of the spacecraft which the military and army had missed. The sheriff finds out that he has a few small pieces of the spacecraft. So the next day sends Captain Armstrong and three other officers from the base camp to take the pieces from him and tell him not to tell anyone else that he had them.


Many people believe that the object that crashed near Roswell in July 1947 was an Unidentified Flying Object and not a weather balloon. Some people are still not sure of what they think about the incident back in 1947, more people think that an Unidentified Flying Object crash-landed. Some people think that it could have been America's army doing an experiment that went totally wrong.

Since this incident happened many people have become more interested in Unidentified Flying Objects and aliens etc. Many people from all over the world have come to Roswell to try and get some answers and to find out what really happened back in July 1947. The government told the public that the bodies that they thought were aliens were actually dummies.

Even though all of the people that had anything to do with The Roswell Incident were told not to say a single word about it to anyone, they have recently told the world what had really happened and showed us some pictures and photos of what they had taken.

Also, a video of the autopsy that the army made to show their Generals what they did in the autopsy and what the little beings look like. The autopsy was of the alien figures found in the crash site near Roswell. This film was released recently.

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