Start - FREE Australian e-mail
Zipworld Australia - The best ISP in Australia
Nibor Australia Pty Ltd - Sheepskins... I made this
Rotten Dot Com - This is funny/rotten stuff
ICQ - ICQ Homepage
FileDudes - Download a lot of free stuff
Calvin and Hobbes - Cute comic strip - Protect yourself - Download things
mIRC - mIRC Homepage
Link Exchange - Web page accessories
Dawson's Creek - :The Fan Page
Win Zip - Unzipper - Free webpage counter
Html Center - Good HTML tips
Win Amp - Good mp3 player
Animation Library - Lots of animations - Games - mp3s and things mp3 related
Dawson's Creek Links - Lots of DC links
SimCity - SimCity's homepage
Pepsi - Pepsi Australia's homepage
Star Wars - Star Wars homepage
South Park - SP main homepage
SP Games - South Park games
McAfee - McAfee Virus Scan's homepage
mIRC X - Good mIRC related source
Xcalibre - mIRC script page
Audio Find - Very good place for mp3s
RealDiaries - Diaries
Nexon - Good internet game
RealPlayer - Download Real Player
Sydney City Roosters - Best rugby team
Asterix and Obelix - Best comic!

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