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Season Two of Dawson's Creek

Season Two

Episode 1 - The kiss: (Season Premiere)
Joey decides not to go to France and realises her and Dawson's feelings for each other. Pacey first meets Andie when they crash into each other in their cars. Andie sets a date up for Pacey with the senior cheerleader, but tells her he has a heart condition even though he doesn't - just to get him back because he pretended he was a officer. Jen has to accept that Joey and Dawson are together. Gail and Mitch try and continue to fix their marriage.

Episode 2 - Crossroads:
Dawson and Joey are so caught up in their relationship that they both forget about the fact that it is Pacey's birthday. Dawson violates Joey's privacy by reading her journal and they fight. Jen and Abby become friends. Jack is introduced and gets a job at The Icehouse. Gail and Mitch think about trying an open marriage.

Episode 3 - Alternative lifestyles:
Pacey is paired up with Andie, Dawson and Jen, and Joey is by herself in a school economics project. Gail and Mitch decide to have a open marriage. While doing their ecomonics project, Jen tries to get Dawson back and tells him that she doesn't respect that him and Joey are together. Tamara returns at the very end.

Episode 4 - Tamara's return:
Tamara (Miss Jacobs) returns to Capeside because Mitch is thinking of buying a warehouse for a restaurant that Tamara owns. Joey gets in to her art which makes her and Dawson drift apart which makes Jack and Joey closer since Jack loves art. Jen and Abby go out after a guy. Pacey finds out Andie has feelings for him.

Episode 5 - Full moon rising:
There is a full moon in Capeside, which means things will go wrong. Jen and Vincent grow closer. Pacey and Andie decide to go out on a date. Pacey finds out the truth about Andie's life. Dawson asks his parents about their open marriage and Jack gives Joey an unexpected kiss. Gail and Mitch decide on a divorce.

Episode 6 - Homecoming dance:
Andie convinces everyone to go to the homecoming dance. Jen is set up with Jack for the dance. Gail and Mitch tell Dawson about the divorce and he doesn't take it well. At the dance everyone is having a good time until Jack and Joey start to dance. Dawson then finds out about the kiss. Dawson punches Jack. Dawson and Joey argue and cry and break up because Joey "needs some space". Meanwhile, Pacey and Andie kiss.

Episode 7 - The All-nighter:
Dawson has a movie night without Joey. There is a big English test on. So the group goes to Chris Wolfe's and study. Andie finds out about Pacey's relationship with Tamara and Dawson and Joey argue some more. Jen and Chris have some "fun" in his bedroom. [If you know what i mean]

Episode 8 - The reluctant hero:
Jen is slowly going back to her old ways from New York. Dawson wins the Juror's Prize in the Boston Film Festival. Joey agrees to go on a date with Jack. Andie helps Pacey study for school and get his work all on track. Meanwhile, Jen and Dawson go to a party and Jen gets drunk. Jen is about to have some fun with two guys, when Dawson helps her out and gets her out of it. Pacey and Andie get along well.

Episode 9 - The election:
Its school election time. Andie convinces Joey to run for the election with her. They are againest Chris and Abby, and then Kenny Reilly. Jen tells Dawson that his script wasn't "raw and dark". While the election is taking place, Abby tells everyone about Andie's condition and about her mother and tough past. Andie doesn't take it well and runs off. Pacey then catches Abby out and she loses the election.

Episode 10 - High risk behavior:
While Jack and Joey's relationship is going well, Jack ruins Joey's art project. So Jack volunteers to pose for Joey, naked. Pacey and Andie discuss about having sex. Dawson holds auditions for his "romantic" movie.

Episode 11 - Sex, she wrote:
Abby and Chris discover a note which reveals that someone in their class had sex the night before. Abby tries to sort out whos note it is and by the end of the episode she knows who had it. Who was it? *spoiler*

Episode 12 - Uncharted waters:
Pacey's father arranges a father/son fishing trip. Dawson and his dad join them. Jack also joins in. Dawson and Pacey argue a bit. Meanwhile, all the girls are at Dawson's place with his mum doing a news report. Abby is up to the usual again [being bitchy] and they go through Dawson's room finding something... Pacey scores a huge fish and wins the fishing comp. Pacey's dad is proud of him.

Episode 13 - His leading lady:
Dawson's movie causes tension between him and Joey. Pacey and Andie start to struggle with their relationship. Jen is introduced to a newcomer to Capeside, Ty Hicks.

Episode 14 - To be or not to be:
Jack reads a poem to his English class. It reveals something that starts a rumor to what his poem really means. Joey and Jack are still going out.

Episode 15 - That is the question:
Jack reveals something private. A first in Capeside. Joey doesn't take it well and is very upset. The McPhee's father comes back, and Jack tells him his secret. Andie and Jack tell him to leave. Jack's secret!?

Episode 16 - Be careful what you wish for:
It's Dawson's 16th birthday and he needs a change. Joey plans a surprise party for him. But Dawson goes off with Pacey and Andie and gets drunk with them. He comes back to his surprise birthday party and tells everyone off and kisses Joey and she pushes him off. Joey then catches Abby and Jack kissing and is very angry...

Episode 17 - Psychic friends:
It is the Winter Fair in Capeside and everyone wants to go and get their fortunes told. Joey meets a man and agrees to do a photo shoot with him. Joey and the man (Colin) talk and Joey finds out that he is gay and tries to set him and Jack up. Andie's fortune isn't what she wanted and her and Pacey struggle. The new film teacher at school, tells Dawson that his film isn't very good. An unexpected person reappears...

Episode 18 - The perfect wedding:
Dawson is upset about his film and how the film teacher told him it was bad. Joey's dad is back in town, and him and Bessie have decided to start a catering business. Joey doesn't know how to act in front of her father, Jack helps her through this and gives her advice. Everyone is at the wedding. A lot happens, theres arguing and Abby falls into the water after Andie says she isn't allowed into the wedding. The wedding turns out to be a success. Dawson and Joey talk, which ends in them sharing a few kisses and them admiting their love for each other. The police collect someones body, Jen is crying and everyone is shocked... Who died!?

Episode 19 - Rest in peace:
The death of a school student sends Jen crazy, and Andie's condition worsens, who thinks it is her fault for the student's death. Dawson learns that his mother has a job offer somewhere away from Capeside.

Episode 20 - Reunited:
A mix up in a reservation leads to Dawson, Joey, Mitch and Nicole sitting together at a table. Andie's condition gets even more worse and Jack is worried.

Episode 21 - Ch..Ch..Changes:
Dawson interviews Joey's dad about his past for his film. Mr McPhee wants to take Andie and Jack with him when he leaves. Jen wants to leave Capeside.

Episode 22 - Parental discretion advised: (Finale)
Dawson tries to protect Joey when he finds out that her father is dealing drugs again. Gale takes the job away from Capeside. Pacey is still heartbroken. The Icehouse is burnt down, due to Mr. Potter's drug dealing, everyone narrowly excapes. Joey confronts her father, wearing a wire. As Mr. Potter is being taken to jail, Joey says she will never forgive Dawson. Pacey hits his dad who later confesses to being wrong and such a lousy father. Grams and Jen talk and they discuss Jen moving back in, on the condition that Jack can move in with her.

Well thats it for another season... hope to see you back here soon for another season :)

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