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Season One of Dawson's Creek

Season One

Episode 1 - Emotions in motion: (Pilot episode)
We are introduced to the main characters. They are about to start their sophomore year at highschool. Dawson and Joey - best friends - feel that their relationship is changing. Pacey, the town's sherrifs son, is also Dawson's best friend. Jen then moves in next door and seems pretty normal, but a dark past is surrounding her.

Episode 2 - Dirty dancing:
It is revealed that Dawson has feelings for Jen, so he casts her as the leading woman in his film to try and get closer to her. Dawson gets angry when he finds out that Cliff has asked Jen to the school dance, so Dawson goes to the dance to try and win Jen back, which makes him look bad infront of Jen and Joey. Joey confronts to Dawson's mother that shes knows about her affair and Jen forgives Dawson, and tells him that she likes how things are going between them. Pacey and Tamara share a kiss on the dock.

Episode 3 - Prelude to a kiss:
Joey meets a rich boy and lies to him about herself, to look good in front of him. Dawson wants to give Jen the perfect kiss, so he prepares for the perfect moment. Tamara tutors Pacey in English. Dawson helps with the production of the film that the film class is making. Joey and the rich boy (Anderson) share a kiss. Dawson and Jen also share a kiss; while this is happening, Dawson films Pacey and Tamara making love.

Episode 4 - Carnal Knowledge:
Its Dawson's parents' 20th wedding anniversary but he catches his mother with another man. So Dawson turns to Joey, when she tells him she already knew about the affair, Dawson is then angry at Joey. Jen tells Dawson about her dark past in New York and the reason why she is in Capeside. Jen then realises that Dawson doesn't take Jen's news too well, and feels him slipping away so she asks Joey for advice. Pacey finds out about the tape that Dawson has of him and Tamara.

Episode 5 - Blown away:
A hurricane hits Capeside and the Potters, Jen and her grandmother shealter at the Leery's house. Dawson confronts his mother about her affair which leads her to confessing to Mitch. Pacey and his brother, Deputy Doug Witter, help Tamara againest the hurricane.

Episode 6 - Look who's talking:
As Pacey talks to Dawson about his relationship with Tamara; a boy in the bathroom with them over hears the conversation. The rumor is spread through out the town. Bessie goes into labour and must go to Dawson's house where the hospital is too far away. So they ask Jen's grandmother to help with the delivery of the baby. Tamara breaks it to Pacey that she is leaving Capeside and him.

Episode 7 - The breakfast club:
Everyone gets a Saturday detention, Joey for punching someone, Jen for telling her teacher off, Dawson for breaking Pacey's nose, and Pacey for doing something in the bathroom with his pants down. Abby is also in detention too but tells them a lie of why she is really in detention. This leads to a game of truth or dare, where Pacey is dared to kiss Jen and Dawson must kiss Joey. Joey then reveals that she has feelings towards Dawson.

Episode 8 - Escape from New York:
One of Jen's ex-boyfriends turns up in Capeside, Billy, who tries to win her back - which seems to be working. Pacey and Joey go to a beach party together and Joey gets drunk. When Dawson thinks that him and Jen are on the road to recovery with their relationship, but then Jen breaks it off with him, saying she needs to be alone for a while. Gail and Mitch try to get their marriage back on track.

Episode 9 - In the company of men:
Billy takes Dawson and Pacey to New York, where they are taken to a nightclub and Dawson kisses a woman. But Billy is annoyed with them making them get their own way home. There is a rumor going around school that Joey slept with a football player. So Joey and Abby get him back by making up another rumour.

Episode 10 - Modern romance:
Pacey and Joey are stuck with each other on a biology project on snails - which brings them closer. Dawson plans a double date with Jen. At the end Dawson thinks about his feelings towards Jen and Joey.

Episode 11 - Friday the 13th:
There is a serial killer stricking very close to Capeside on Friday the 13th. Dawson then plans a seance at his house. Jen receives werid phone calls and notes - which she thinks is coming from Dawson. They prank Dawson back, by Joey falling out of a closet dead. This leaves Dawson and Joey questioning themselves about their relationship.

Episode 12 - Pretty woman:
Joey enters a beauty pageant and so does Pacey - and yes, he is the only male to enter. While watching Joey preform, Dawson sees Joey in a whole different way, a way he has never felt about her before. But Joey says its only make-up etc... and its not what she wants. Jen asks Dawson back out at the end of the episode, and he refuses because he is now confused about his feelings for Joey.

Episode 13 - Breaking away: (Season Finale)
Joey is offered a trip to France for a semester by her school. It is Joey's dad's birthday and Dawson goes with her to keep her company - which leads to Dawson and Joey's dad talking about his feelings for Joey. Joey goes back to see her dad later that night with Pacey. Jen's grandfather wakes up and is doing better but then dies soon after causing Jen to turn to Dawson for comfort. Jen asks to sleep at Dawson's place, which she does. Meanwhile, Joey is heading over to Dawson's to share her feelings about him. Joey sees Jen kiss Dawson and she runs off, and Dawson chases after her. Dawson looks everywhere for her and then later finds her in his wardrobe. They talk for a while, which then leads to them kissing...

Well thats it for the first season... See you next season :)

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