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Abby: Every one of these girls is incredibly insecure. I mean, I can't even speak my mind anymore without stomping on somebody's feelings. I make a cancer joke, and Joey gets upset. Or I make a crazy joke and Andie gets upset. Or you make a crack about ho bags and Jen starts humping the couch.
(Uncharted waters)
Posted by: Kirby

Andie: I want a divorce!
Pacey: Granted. You know what? We'll split the cash, you can have the kids and I'll keep the car.
Posted by: Brianna

Dawson: Wait a minute, though, I mean no offense to anybody here, but I called up Pacey to invite him over to watch a couple of movies, that hardly qualifies as group hanging out.
Pacey: Yeah, but I invited Andie...
Andie: And I invited Jack.
Joey: And I better not need an invitation!
Jen: And I live here now.
Pacey: Let's face it, guys, we are this far away from the Peach Pit.
Joey: Kill him.
Andie: ATTACK!
Posted by: Marts

Joey: I might be able to forgive my father, but I probably won't be able to forgive myself, but I know I will never be able to forgive you... (to Dawson)
Posted by: Lauren and Sarah Gatforde

Pacey: Did she touch your thingamajig?
Dawson: Get out of the gutter! It was just the sweetest, most-romantic, Fourth-of-July-fireworky, waves-crashing-on-the-shore, beyond-any-movie-I-could-ever-imagine kiss!!
(The Kiss)
Posted by: Lisa B

Pacey: Ah, Marshmellows, a food group all on their own!
Posted by: Nicky

Jen: What the hell!?
Grams: Don't swear dear. God is listening.
Jen: Yeah if he were, then he should know that 'hell' isn't considered a swear-word anymore. You can say it on network TV.
(Cross roads)

Policewoman (to Pacey as he is getting his driver's test back): Passed... Passed... Missed by one point. That's too bad. We really need another juvenile delinquent chowderhead on the road.
(Cross roads)

Mitch: Here's the deal. Parent me, child you... Parent me, child you, all right?
Mitch leaves, Joey comes out of the closet
Dawson: He's such a tyrant.
Joey: You handled him very well.
Mitch comes back into the room to see them kissing
Dawson: Joey! What are you doing here?
Mitch: Joey, will you come with me please? What did I just say, Dawson?
Dawson: Tarzan me, Jane you?
Mitch: No, parent me, grounded you.
Dawson: See you in a few seconds Joey!
Mitch: No you won't!
(Alternative Lifestyles)

Joey: Dawson, you are so cheesy!
Dawson: What, you don't like it?
Joey: Are you kidding?! I find it unbearably sexy.
(Tamara's Return)

Jen: If bad girl keeps me from being depressed, then bad girl it is!
(Tamara's Return)

Mitch: No hat, no glove.
(Cross roads)

Joey: You read my diary?!
Dawson: Yeah, well you practically left it there for me!!
Joey: Oh no, not unless it suddenly blew open or you have x-ray vision!!
(Cross roads)

Andie: So what I want to know is did we get the Viper?
Pacey: After all we've been through, could I really get the Viper...? I had to! It's such an awesome car!
Andie: That means our kids are stuffed into a two-bedroom appartment.
Pacey: It's actually a one-bedroom appartment, but the family that lays together, stays together.
(Alternative Lifestyles)

Jen: I feel like spending the weekend in bed, counting ceiling tiles.
(Tamara's Return)

Joey: Oh right, right, right. The man in the moon! Oh! But wait!
Dawson: What?
Joey: It's not a man, Dawson... It's a woman.
(Full Moon Rising)

Abby: Oh, Jen, you're drooling! This is the moment of truth. You're going to be working with him all week one on one. The question is, are you going to be passive and passonistic and really piss me off, or proactive, grab him by the dipstick, and make me proud?
(Alternative Lifestyles)

Pacey: O'kay. Maybe I can just, let this one incident slide. But I just want to let you know that I got my eyes on you now, Blondie. You cause anymore trouble in Capeside and Officer Pacey is coming after you. Hm?
(The Kiss)

Joey: Nice dress.
Jen: Thanks, I borrowed it.
Joey: I bet.
(Alternative Lifestyles)
Posted by: Shan

Andie: What kind of high school memories are you going to have, if all you did was bitch and moan about everything?!
Joey: Bitching memories.
Dawson: Moaning memories.
(Homecoming Dance)

Pacey: You want the broker record? Here it is. See, before the dawn of time, I have been designated the black sheep of my family. This label is permanent; I can't erase it and I can't trade it in for a new one. I can bring home an 'A' in Economics, or an 'F'. I could bring home the Nobel Peace Prize and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. So Miss Perky, you try growing up in a family atmosphere like that and see if you can stay motivated.
Andie: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
Pacey: No, of course not, you were just getting into character. Oh, I'm a salesclerk, a poor little salesclerk trying to buy an apartment. You wanna know the reason this assignment is so fascinating to you? In reality, you've never had a problem in your entire life! You drive around in your Sauve! You buy your fancy clothes and you basically just throw your money away! The fact that some people actually have to budget their monthly income is like some fascinating novel to you. You're rich and you're spoiled and that's what it boils down to.
Andie: You know Pacey, you're right. I know nothing about you and you know even less about me, so just leave me alone!
Pacey: Wait, Andie... Wait!
Landlady: So, are you going to take the appartment?
(Alternative Lifestyles)

Andie: Watching a porn flick, are we, Pacey? What is it? Debbie does Dallas?
Pacey: I'm more taken by the names of the porno than anything else. I mean, like this prime example: The Sperminator.
Andie: I don't see why they bother to come up with all these creative titles-- they should all be called "Woman that Pacey will never do."
(Full Moon Rising)

Abby: He's a 15-year-old boy, he doesn't know what love is! All he knows is that he goes to bed jerkin' his gherkin and wakes up humping the mattress!
(Alternative Lifestyles)

Dawson: Do you want to show me the paintings you like?
Joey: Dawson, it's okay. I know this isn't your thing. You earned your points just by coming. That's enough.
Dawson: No, Joey, I want to be here. I want to be with you. Joey, talk to me. What's wrong? I know I hurt your feelings by being too flip about this art thing, and I'm sorry. It was never my intention, believe me. I'm just trying to be us, Dawson and Joey, who analyze and argue and debate and disagree. You've put me in my place a thousand times about some movie. Why can't we just interchange subjects? It might actually be a refreshing change.
Joey: It is so much more than that, Dawson.
Dawson: Then why are you closing yourself off to me? What's changed?
Joey: That's the point, Dawson! Nothing's changed! You, me, we're exactly the way we've always been and I am so tired of it!
(Tamara's Return)

Vincent: One night, in New Orleans, I got so drunk... couldn't see straight. I met this woman. She was beautiful. We went back to her place and, uh, you know, we started getting closer and closer to...
Jen: The moment?
Vincent: The moment. And she tells me she's a he.
(Full Moon Rising)
Posted by: Mel

Pacey: Hey, check this out. 200 channels from all over the world. It's a couch potato's dream. Look at that! 3 Stooges in Cantonese.
Andie: Why do you insist on undermining me at every opportunity you get?
(The All-Nighter)

Pacey: Sharp, witty, and brilliant, huh? Anything you care to add to that?
Andie: If you think I find this charming, Pacey, you're majorly deluded...
Pacey: Of course not, how could you?! I'm a witless boar.
Andie: Oafish clod!
Pacey: Major cat. Kiss me?
Andie: Thought you'd never ask...
(Homecoming Dance)

Abby: I'm not speaking to you, you traitor.
Jen: Don't be mad at me, just because you got turned down by a guy.
Abby: I didn't get rejected; that's your department.
(Tamara's Return)

Dawson: What I wouldn't give for my parents to go back to their coffee table antics. Of course, there is a bright side. Joey: What's that? Dawson: The coffee table is now available.
(Homecoming Dance)

Gail: What a sad movie.
Dawson: Mom, you cried on the commercials.
Gail: Only that cotton commercial.
(The All-Nighter)

Dawson: Joey? Joey, no, I... I love you.
Joey: I love you, too, Dawson.
They are about to kiss... but Joey walks away...
Dawson: Wait, but how can it be over? We can't just say, 'I love you' for the first time and have it be over!
Joey: I have to go, Dawson. Goodnight.
(Homecoming Dance)

Pacey: Alrighty. Question #1: "Have you ever been intimately aroused by a relative?" So, it's a southern test, huh?
Jen: #13: "Have you ever experimented with bondage?"
Joey: "Have you ever gotten cozy in an airplane?"
Andie: "..in a public place?"
Chris: "..in your parent's bed?"
Dawson: "Have you ever caught your parents having sex?"
Pacey: #63: "Have you ever named your most private of regions?"
Joey: Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with a member of the same sex?"
Andie: "...with a transvestite?"
Pacey: "...with a 4-legged creature?"
Dawson: "Have you ever paid for sex?"
Andie: Question #84: "Have you ever fantasized about a friend's significant other?" ...
Andie:...very quiet in the room all of a sudden.
Jen: "Have you ever had an affair with a friend's significant other?"
Chris: In my fantasy.
Pacey: Give me this. (takes magazine) "Have you ever had an affair with a friend's pet?" How come I get all the animal questions?
Joey: Okay, #100: ... "Have you ever been in love? If so, how many times? Give yourself a point of purity for each time."
(The All-Nighter)

Bessie: You have this look. This cheery, yet sneaky, 'I got lucky' look. I know this look.
Joey: Bessie...
Bessie: Here, wait a second. Where were you last night?
Joey: Nowhere.......... Dawson's.
Bessie: Start talking.
(The Kiss)

Dawson: Get out of the gutter. No thing-a-ma-jig involved. It was just the sweetest, most romantic, Fourth of July fireworky, waves crashing on the shore, beyond any movie I could ever imagine kiss.
(The Kiss)

Pacey: I'm a hungry person.
Dawson: You're an annoying person.
(The Reluctant Hero)

Dawson: I'm relieved. I'm ecstatic. I'm psyched. I'm...aroused.
Joey: Aroused?
Dawson: Yeah.
Joey: Put your hormones aside for right now, Dawson.
Dawson leans in to kiss her
Joey: No, no Dawson. Just for a second. Me not going to France...you and me talking dirty in the halls...I mean, do you think we're making some massive, monumental mistake? I mean, things have always been so complicated between...
Dawson: I think we'll be fine. I mean granted we'll be entering some uncharted boy/girl territory but I honestly think regardless of how complicated things are on a day to day basis, we'll be fine. We'll concentrate on the simple stuff.
Joey: Like what?
Dawson: Like a date.
Joey: A date?
Dawson: Mm-hm.
Joey: You and me on a date?
Dawson: Yep.
Joey: I don't know, Dawson. I was going to watch tv tonight. I hear Luke Perry's back on 90210.
(The Kiss)

Pacey: But it's too late. I've spent too long being a screw-up, I'm kind of passed the perverbial point of no return.
Andie: Well, change your course. Break the chain. Anyone can re-invent themselves. I mean, it's America. Madonna does it every week.
(The Reluctant Hero)

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