Joey and Dawson:
After their first kiss
On their first date
Standing together outside
Under Dawson's jacket in the rain
One of many kisses
Close facial shot
Yet another kiss
The two of them on Dawson's bed
Smiling together
Kissing sweetly
Another kiss
Kissing on the swings
Dawson helping Joey from the fire
Outside school
On a warf
Kissing at the wedding
Hugging at the wedding
Another sweet kiss
On the bed together in first episode
Facial shot
In Dawson's bed
Standing in white
Joey and Dawson from first episode
Joey angry at Dawson
At the school lockers
Katie and James out
Dawson looking at Joey

Andie and Jack:
Andie and Jack standing together

Joey and Jack:
Nice sweet pic of them together
Talking together
Walking together
Cute pic of them together at the wedding
Kissing in front of Dawson

Pacey and Andie:
Together in a hamock
Standing together close
Together at school
At the wedding together

Main Cast Group:
In Dawson's room
All sitting on a table
Around a rock
In black background shot
Standing up
All sitting on a warf
Dawson, Pacey and Joey

Jen and Jack:
Jen and Jack talk
Close together
Getting away from the fire

Dawson, Joey and her Dad talking
Dawson and Jack at the wedding
Abby drunk at the wedding
Abby and Jen at the wedding
When Abby falls into the water - drunk
Andie telling Abby and Jen to leave
Joey and her dad after the fire
Pacey and his Dad hugging